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    • ADAPT: an Automatic Diagnosis of Activity and Processes in auTomation environments 

      Azkarate Fernandez, Igor; Aguirre Ortuzar, Aitor; Uranga Andrés, Josu; Eciolaza Echeverria, Luka (IEEE, 2020)
      In an automated industrial environment, a large volume of data and signals is available, both from sensors and actuators in machinery and from the interaction with operators and users. Operation diagnosis can have multiple ...
    • Virtual commissioning of a robotic cell: an educational case study 

      Azkarate Fernandez, Igor; Eciolaza Echeverria, Luka (IEEE, 2019)
      The emergence of software tools for testing control programs and virtual commissioning (VC) in industrial automation projects makes it possible to shorten lead times and improve product quality, but it also brings to light ...