El Repositorio digital de Mondragon Unibertsitatea da acceso abierto al texto completo de los documentos generados en la universidad resultado de su actividad académica, investigadora e institucional. Su objetivo es dar mayor visibilidad a la producción científica y docente de la Universidad, aumentar su impacto y asegurar su preservación.

Podrás encontrar tesis doctorales, proyectos fin de carrera, material didáctico, publicaciones de la universidad, documentos de trabajo, preprints, postprints, artículos, actas de congresos, documentos institucionales, etc.

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  • Delta Rhapsody 

    Sagardui, Goiuria; Etxeberria, Leire; Markiegi, Urtzi; Pérez Bascaran, Xabier (2016)
    Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) has become the pre-eminent paradigm used to improve the development of complex systems. Additionally, Delta Modelling provides an incremental approach to the design and maintenance of ...
  • Surface topography irregularities generated by broaching 

    Ortiz-de-Zarate, Gorka; Madariaga, Aitor; ARRAZOLA, PEDRO JOSE (Elsevier Ltd., 2022)
    Surface topography irregularities generated by broaching are analysed. Experimental tests were carried out on three workpiece materials: AISI 1045, Ti-6Al-4V, and Inconel 718, varying the cutting speed, rise per tooth, and ...
  • Less Rare-Earth Electromagnetic Design for a High-Performance Permanent Magnet Motor 

    Rivera, Christian A.; Ugalde, Gaizka; Poza, Javier; Garramiola, Fernando; Badiola, Xabier (MDPI, 2022)
    This paper presents an electromagnetic design alternative using the so-called banana-shaped magnets, achieving magnet weight reduction of 21.82% for the same performance as the baseline motor in the case study. Typically, ...
  • A neural-visualization IDS for honeynet data 

    Zurutuza, Urko (World Scientific, 2012)
    Neural intelligent systems can provide a visualization of the network traffic for security staff, in order to reduce the widely known high false-positive rate associated with misuse-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs). ...
  • On the definition of a risk index based on long-term metocean data to assist in the design of Marine Renewable Energy systems 

    Penalba, Markel; Aizpurua Unanue, Jose Ignacio (Elsevier Ltd, 2021)
    Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) systems are designed to maximise energy generation and ensure survivability. The traditional design process is based on pure environmental conditions, tends to be too conservative and limits ...