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  • Personas responsables en cooperativas corresponsables 

    Ortega-Sunsundegi, Igor; Loyola, Aitzol; Ruiz de Austri Arexolaleiba, Marixe; Elorza, Unai; Zuberogoitia Kaltzakorta, Miren; Freundlich, Frederick; Lezeta-Ruiz de Alegría, Ion; Imaz Alias, Oier; Udaondo-Alberdi, Ainara; Uriarte Iñurrategi, Xabier (Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Humanitate eta Hezkuntza Zientzien Fakultatea, 2024)
    ¿Es posible, en la realidad actual de nuestras cooperativas, la generación de condiciones que permitan una extendida cultura de la corresponsabilidad entre el colectivo de personas asociadas? Esta es la cuestión que ha ...
  • Benchmarking of spectral methods for fatigue assessment of mooring systems and dynamic cables in offshore renewable energy technologies 

    Martinez-Puente, Eguzkiñe; Zarketa-Astigarraga, Ander; Martinez Agirre, Manex; Zabala, Alaitz; Esnaola, Jon Ander; Llavori, Inigo; Penalba, Markel (Elsevier, 2024)
    Fatigue life estimation methods based on time-domain and rainflow counting techniques are widely recognised and accepted for their reliability. However, applying them in scenarios involving random loads with multiple ...
  • GenMorph: Automatically Generating Metamorphic Relations via Genetic Programming 

    Ayerdi, Jon; Arrieta, Aitor (IEEE, 2024)
    Metamorphic testing is a popular approach that aims to alleviate the oracle problem in software testing. At the core of this approach are Metamorphic Relations (MRs), specifying properties that hold among multiple test ...
  • Thermodiffusion, diffusion and Soret coefficients of binary polymeric mixtures in toluene and cyclohexane 

    Sanjuan, Antton; Shevtsova, Valentina; Bou-Ali, M. Mounir (De Gruyter, 2024)
    We present the results of experimental study on measuring the thermodiffusion, molecular diffusion and Soret coefficients of polystyrene (4,880 g/mol) in the pure solvents toluene and cyclohexane at 298 K and atmospheric ...
  • Gamifying Software Engineering Subject to Enhance the Quality of Knowledge 

    Aldalur, Iñigo (Wiley, 2024)
    Gamification has been widely used in education in recent years. Gamification has been proven to be a useful tool for students, as it motivates them and helps them to learn. The lack of motivation on the part of the students ...

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