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  • La innovación de la innovación responsable: deliberación y anticipación 

    Imaz Alias, Oier (Publicacions de la Universitat Jaume I. Servei de Comunicació i Publicacions, 2020)
    Es una de las ponencias presentadas en las III Jornadas sobre Responsabilidad Social Universitaria (RSU) bajo el título «Transparencia e integridad en la institución universitaria» celebradas en la Universitat Jaume I los ...
  • Stability analysis under thermogravitational effect 

    Bou-Ali, M. Mounir (Elsevier Masson SAS, 2020)
    In the present work, an interferometric unsteady analysis of the thermogravitational technique was for the first time attempted in a paralelepipedic microcolumn using binary mixtures with negative Soret coefficients. In ...
  • Análisis de accesiblidad en interfaces de lavadoras 

    Beitia Amondarain, Amaia; González de Heredia López de Sabando, Arantxa; Justel Lozano, Daniel; Alonso Ocariz, Beatriz (AEIPRO, 2019)
    The interaction with consume products has been changing due to the development of the technology, which often turns out to be a barrier rather than an opportunity for people with disabilities. Appliances in general and ...
  • Efficient Calculation of Stabilization Parameters in RF Power Amplifiers 

    Mori Carrascal, Libe (IEEE, 2020)
    This paper proposes an efficient method for the calculation of the stabilization parameters in RF power amplifiers operating in periodic large-signal regimes. Stabilization is achieved by applying the principles of linear ...
  • A Strategic Approach for Bottleneck Identification in Make-To-Order Environments: A Drum-Buffer-Rope Action Research Based Case Study 

    Lizarralde Aiastui, Aitor; Apaolaza Pérez de Eulate, Unai; Mediavilla Guisasola, Miguel (OmniaScience, 2020)
    Purpose: This study focused on providing a strategic perspective for the selection and exploitation of bottlenecks in make-to-order production systems, a largely unexplored field in the literature. The researchers developed ...

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