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MU Magazines [95]
  • Mecanismo de ancho de vía variable para vehículo eléctrico urbano de tres ruedas 

    Izquierdo Ortiz de Landaluce, Mikel; Ulacia Garmendia, Ibai; Gallego Navas, Iván; Eraña Larrañaga, Iñigo (UNED, 2018)
    Debido a las dimensiones de los vehículos actuales, la baja tasa de ocupación de los mismos y el aumento de la población mundial, los fabricantes de vehículos están desarrollando diseños compactos orientados a la movilidad ...
  • Stability and parking cross distance adapter mechanism for electric vehicle 

    Izquierdo Ortiz de Landaluce, Mikel; Ulacia Garmendia, Ibai (2017 EAEC European Automotive Congress, 2017)
    Due to the actual vehicle dimensions, low occupancy rates and the increase of world population, a trend to develop new vehicle concepts with smaller dimensions is seen. The objective of this trend is to reduce traffic ...
  • Design and characterisation of cellular composite structures for automotive crashboxes manufactured by out of die ultraviolet cured pultrusion 

    Sáenz Domínguez, Iván; Tena Merino, Iosu; Esnaola Arruti, Aritz; Sarrionandia Ariznabarreta, Mª Asun; Aurrekoetxea Narbarte, Jon (Elsevier B.V., 2019-03-01)
    The present paper analyses the feasibility of designing a honeycomb-like crash-box, as a cellular structure, based on data obtained from the characterisation of the building block. In order to generalise the conclusions ...
  • Haur eta gazte literatura. Irakur gida. 2018 

    Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Humanitate eta Hezkuntza Zientzien Fakultatea. Haur Liburu Mintegia (Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Humanitate eta Hezkuntza Zientzien Fakultatea, 2018)
  • Drilling test data from new and worn bits 

    Duo Zubiaurre, Aitor; Basagoiti Astigarraga, Rosa; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José; Aperribay Zubia, Javier; Cuesta Zabaljauregui, Mikel (2019)
    This directory contains the raw data acquired by Mondragon Unibertsitatea during the execution of drilling tests. These data were used to obtain the results presented in the article "The capacity of statistical features ...

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