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    • Drawbead uplift force analytical model for deep drawing operations 

      Gil Acedo, Imanol; Galdos Errasti, Lander; Mendiguren Olaeta, Joseba; Otegi Martínez, Nagore; Saénz de Argandoña, Eneko (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2018)
      Drawbead uplift force calculation has been an open issue among the deep drawing tool maker and software developers in the last years. Starting from the original work of Stoughton (1988) many have been the models presented ...
    • Experimental and Numerical Simulation Investigation on Deep Drawing Process of Inconel 718 with and without Intermediate Annealing Thermal Treatments 

      Ulibarri Hernández, Unai; Galdos Errasti, Lander; Saénz de Argandoña, Eneko; Mendiguren Olaeta, Joseba (MDPI AG, 2020)
      The aeronautical industry is moving from high-capacity large-airplane construction to low-capacity small-airplane construction. With the change in the production volume, there is a need for more e cient manufacturing ...
    • On the accurate characterization of the drawbead up-lift forces 

      Gil Acedo, Imanol; Galdos Errasti, Lander; Otegi Martínez, Nagore; Mendiguren Olaeta, Joseba; Saénz de Argandoña, Eneko (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2018)
      The competitiveness of the automotive sector has led to a high demand of accuracy and reduction in lead-time of the deep drawing tool making process. In that regard, the numerical simulation of the deep drawing process has ...