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    • Material management without forecasting: From MRP to demand driven MRP 

      Cortabarria Igartua, Alaitz; Apaolaza Pérez de Eulate, Unai; Lizarralde Aiastui, Aitor; Amorrortu Gervasio, Itxaso (OmniaScience, 2018)
      Purpose: Efficient Operations and Supply Chain Management is key to building sustainable competitive edge for companies. However, the achievement of this goal is becoming challenging in the present dynamic production ...
    • The crew scheduling problem of an interurban public transport bus company 

      Amorrortu Gervasio, Itxaso (Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, 2017)
      Una planificación de los conductores adecuada impacta en el coste operacional de las empresas de transporte público. La dificultad de esta tarea se debe principalmente a dos aspectos (Esclapés 2001, Bonrostro, Yusta 2003, ...
    • Theory of constraints case study in the make to order environment 

      Orue Irasuegui, Aitor; Lizarralde Aiastui, Aitor; Amorrortu Gervasio, Itxaso; Apaolaza Pérez de Eulate, Unai (Omnia Science, 2021)
      Purpose: The theory of constraints (TOC) drum-buffer-rope methodology is appropriate when managing a production plant in complex environments, such as make-to-order (MTO) scenarios. However, some difficulties have been ...