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    • Induction Skull Melting of Ti-6Al-4V: Process Control and Efficiency Optimization 

      Chamorro Sánchez, Xabier; Herrero Dorca, Nuria; Bernal Rodríguez, Daniel; Hurtado Hurtado, Iñaki (MDPI AG, 2019)
      Titanium investment casting is one of the leading and most e cient near-net-shape manufacturing processes, since complex shape components are possible to obtain with a very low amount of material waste. But melting these ...
    • Press hardening of alternative materials: conventional high- strength steels 

      Mendiguren Olaeta, Joseba; Herrero Dorca, Nuria; Galdos Errasti, Lander; Saénz de Argandoña Fernández de Gorostiza, Eneko (Springer Nature, 2017)
      he increase in strength of new high strength steels(HHS) and advanced high strength steels (AHHS) has led toforming issues, such as high springback, low formability, increase of forming forces and tool wear. These problems ...