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    • Design of a Solid-State Circuit Breaker for a DC Grid-Based Vessel Power System 

      Tapia Hernandez, Lukas; Baraia-Etxaburu Zubiaurre, Igor; Abad Biain, Gonzalo (MDPI, 2019)
      Electric propulsion and integrated hybrid power systems can improve the energy efficiency and fuel consumption of different kinds of vessels. If the vessel power system is based on DC grid distribution, some benefits ...
    • Electric Technology in Wind Turbines from a Dialectic Perspective 

      Abad Biain, Gonzalo; Milicua Urcelay, Aritz; Baraia-Etxaburu Zubiaurre, Igor (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2019)
      Wind turbines have been used by many groups of humans for many centu-ries. Wind turbines have allowed groups of humans to perform many different tasks in the past (grinding grain, pumping water, etc.). However, ...