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dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.contributor.authorAlonso Nieto, Marcos
dc.contributor.authorIzaguirre Altuna, Alberto
dc.contributor.otherMejia-Parra, Daniel
dc.contributor.otherSanchez, Jairo R.
dc.contributor.otherRuiz-Salguero, Oscar
dc.contributor.otherGil, Erik
dc.contributor.otherPalomar, Jorge
dc.contributor.otherPosada, Jorge
dc.description.abstractIndustrial dimensional assessment presents instances in which early control is exerted among “warm” (approx. 600 ºC) pieces. Early control saves resources, as defective processes are timely stopped and corrected. Existing literature is devoid of dimensional assessment on warm workpieces. In response to this absence, this manuscript presents the implementation and results of an optical system which performs in-line dimensional inspection of revolution warm workpieces singled out from the (forming) process. Our system can automatically measure, in less than 60 s, the circular runout of warm revolution workpieces. Such a delay would be 20 times longer if cool-downs were required. Off-line comparison of the runout of T-temperature workpieces (27 ºC ≤ T ≤ 560 ºC) shows a maximum difference of 0.1 mm with respect to standard CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) runout of cold workpieces (27 ºC), for workpieces as long as 160 mm. Such a difference is acceptable for the forging process in which the system is deployed. The test results show no correlation between the temperature and the runout of the workpiece at such level of uncertainty. A prior-to-operation Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test validates the repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) of our measurement system. In-line assessment of warm workpieces fills a gap in manufacturing processes where early detection of dimensional misfits compensates for the precision loss of the vision system. The integrated in-line system reduces the number of defective workpieces by 95%.en
dc.description.sponsorshipGobierno Vascoes
dc.rights© 2019 by the authorsen
dc.subjectin-line dimensional inspectionen
dc.subjectwarm formingen
dc.subject3D mesh reconstructionen
dc.subjectoptical systemen
dc.subjectrevolution workpieceen
dc.titleIn-Line Dimensional Inspection of Warm-Die Forged Revolution Workpieces Using 3D Mesh Reconstructionen
dcterms.sourceApplied Sciencesen
local.contributor.groupRobótica y automatizaciónes
local.relation.projectIDGV/Basque Industry 4.0//CAPV///en
local.rights.publicationfeeamount1654 EUR
local.contributor.otherinstitutionUniversidad EAFITes
local.contributor.otherinstitutionVicomtech-IK4 (Centro de Tecnologías de Interacción Visual y Comunicaciones)es
local.contributor.otherinstitutionEuskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (EHU)eu
local.contributor.otherinstitutionGKN Driveline Legazpies
local.source.detailsVol.9. Nº 6. 1069. March, 2019eu_ES

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