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dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.contributor.authorRuiz Rodríguez, Carlos
dc.contributor.authorAbad Biain, Gonzalo
dc.contributor.otherMadariaga, Danel
dc.contributor.otherArza Alonso, Joseba
dc.contributor.otherZubiaga Lazcano, Markel
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, a Frequency-Dependent Pi Model (FDPi) of a three-core submarine cable is presented. The model is intended to be used for the representation of submarine cables in an Offshore Wind Power Plant (OWPP) scenario for both time and frequency domain analysis. The frequency-dependent variation of each conductive layer is modeled by a Foster equivalent network whose parameters are tuned by means of Vector Fitting (VF) algorithm. The complete formulation for the parameterization of the model is presented in detail, which allows an easy reproduction of the presented model. The validation of the model is performed via a comparison with a well-established reference model, the Universal Line Model (ULM) from PSCAD/EMTDC software. Two cable system case studies are presented. The first case study shows the response of the FDPi Model for a three-core submarine cable. On the other hand, the second case study depicts the response of three single-core underground cables laying in trefoil formation. This last case shows the applicability of the FDPi Model to other types of cable systems and indirectly validates the response of the aforementioned model with experimental results. Additionally, potential applications of the FDPi model are presented.eu_ES
dc.publisherMDPI AGeu_ES
dc.rights© 2018 by the authorseu_ES
dc.subjectcable modeleu_ES
dc.subjectpi sectionseu_ES
dc.subjectpower systemseu_ES
dc.subjecttime and frequency domaineu_ES
dc.subjectvector fittingeu_ES
dc.titleFrequency-Dependent Pi Model of a Three-Core Submarine Cable for Time and Frequency Domain Analysiseu_ES
local.contributor.groupSistemas electrónicos de potencia aplicados al control de la energía eléctricaeu_ES
local.rights.publicationfeeamount1680 EUR
local.source.detailsVol. 11. Nº 10. 2778. Published 16 October 2018eu_ES

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Attribution 4.0 International
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