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    • Experimental and FEM analysis of surface integrity when broaching Ti64 

      Ortiz de Zarate Bengoa, Gorka; Madariaga Zabala, Aitor; Garay Araiko, Ainara; Azpitarte Aranzabal, Larraitz; Cuesta Zabaljauregui, Mikel; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José (Elsevier, 2018)
      The performance of aeronautic critical components is strongly dependent on its fatigue behavior, which is directly linked to their surface integrity condition. Broaching operation is a machining operation extensively used ...
    • FEM modeling of hard turning 42CrMoS4 steel 

      Saez de Buruaga Echeandia, Mikel; Gainza, Leire; Aristimuño Osoro, Patxi Xabier; Soler Mallol, Daniel; Ortiz de Zarate Bengoa, Gorka; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José (Elsevier B.V., 2019)
    • In-SEM micro-machining reveals the origins of the size effect in the cutting energy 

      Ortiz de Zarate Bengoa, Gorka; Sela Barrial, Andres; Arrieta Galdós, Iñaki Mirena; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José (Springer Nature, 2021)
      High-precision metal cutting is increasingly relevant in advanced applications. Such precision normally requires a cutting feed in the micron or even sub-micron dimension scale, which raises questions about applicability ...
    • Measurement of plastic strain and plastic strain rate during orthogonal cutting for Ti-6Al-4V 

      Sela Barrial, Andres; Ortiz de Zarate Bengoa, Gorka; Soler Mallol, Daniel; Aristimuño Osoro, Patxi Xabier; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José (Elsevier Ltd., 2021)
      Finite Element Modelling used to predict machining outcomes needs to be supplied with the appropriate material thermomechanical properties which are obtained by specific testing devices and methodologies. However, these ...
    • A mechanistic model to predict cutting force on orthogonal machining of Aluminum 7475-T7351 considering the edge radius 

      Ortiz de Zarate Bengoa, Gorka; Arrieta Galdós, Iñaki Mirena; Soriano Moreno, Denis; Aristimuño Osoro, Patxi Xabier; Medina Clavijo, Bentejui; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José (Elsevier B.V., 2019)
      The ploughing force related with action of edge radius is an important factor which influences flow stress, chip formation or surface integrity. Some fraction of the cutting forces are called parasitic (additional) forces ...
    • A novel methodology to characterize tool-chip contact in metal cutting using partially restricted contact length tools 

      Ortiz de Zarate Bengoa, Gorka; Madariaga Zabala, Aitor; Arrazola Arriola, Pedro José (2021)
      A novel methodology to map the friction and normal stress distribution on the rake face using Partially Restricted Contact Length Tools in orthogonal cutting tests is proposed. The influence of cutting speed, feed and ...