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dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.contributor.authorImaz Agirre, Ainara
dc.contributor.authorBikuña Munduate, Agurtzane
dc.description.abstractThe introduction of innovative English as a Foreign language programmes has revealed a change in the role of the foreign language teacher as well as the need of continuous teacher training (Enever, 2011). Regarding the development of primary English as a foreign language teachers two competencies have been identified as key throughout the teachers’ career (Wilden and Porsch, 2017): language proficiency and subject specific teaching methodologies. Thus, this study examines the perceptions in-service English foreign language (EFL) teachers encounter in their daily practice in the Basque Autonomous Community (Spain). A total of 15 school foreign language expert and novice teachers in primary education were interviewed. Data were collected from semi-structured interviews with the English as a foreign language teachers focusing on teacher training to teach subject-specific content, language competence required to teach primary children and teachers’ concerns regarding the implementation of innovative English as a foreign language programmes in primary education. The analysis of the data showed that teachers shared their views and concerns regarding the criteria examined in the interviews. Foreign language teachers’ concerns were enhanced in schools implementing innovative programmes suggesting the need for reinforcing teacher training in new pedagogical trends. Findings also revealed a need for reflection on the understanding of how current language policies understand language competence for foreign language teachers. In addition, a deeper reflection on the English as a foreign language teacher’s role in primary education is requested.en
dc.publisherPeter Langen
dc.rights© The authorsen
dc.subjectPre-service teachersen
dc.subjectIn-service teachersen
dc.titleChallenges in English as a Foreign Language Teaching in the Basque Country: Pre-service and In-service Teachers’ Perspectivesen
dcterms.sourceTeachers’ Perspectives, Practices and Challenges in Multilingual Education : Studies in Honor of Pilar Sagastaen
local.contributor.groupBerrikuntza eta esku-hartzea gizarte kulturanitz eta eleanitzetaneu
local.source.detailsN. Ipiña, A. Imaz, B. Pedrosa & E. Garro (eds.). pp. 183-195. Berlin: Peter Langen

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