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  • Design of a Radiant Heat Capturing Device for Steel Mills 

    Bou-Ali, M. Mounir; Fernandez de Arroiabe, Peru (International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, 2021)
    This paper approaches the energy transition towards decarbonization and lower primary energy use in the steel and glass industries through the exploitation of radiant waste heat. In contrast with exhaust gases heat recovery, ...
  • Circular economy implementation in the agricultural sector: Definition, strategies and indicators 

    Fernandez Mendoza, Joan Manuel (Elsevier B.V., 2021)
    In the current context of resource scarcity, global climate change, environmental degradation, and increasing food demand, the circular economy (CE) represents a promising strategy for supporting sustainable, restorative, ...
  • Application des réseaux de neurones à l'identification d'un axe de machine-outil 

    Muxika Olasagasti, Eñaut (2002)
    Les machines-outils ont été l'objet des études au fur et à mesure que les entreprises voulaient augmenter la productivité. De nos jours, les aspects qui sont traités sont les nouveaux matériaux pour la partie mécanique ...
  • Aprendiendo Scrum: una experiencia basada en POPBL 

    Apaolaza, Unai; Lizarralde Aiastui, Aitor; Soto-Gordoa, Myriam; Kortabarria, Alaitz (AEIPRO, 2021)
    Agile project management methods have played a prominent role in recent years. Certain aspects as adaptability or orientation toward action characterize agile methods, making them especially interesting in high uncertainty ...
  • Human‑centred design in industry 4.0: case study review and opportunities for future research 

    Nguyen Ngoc, Hien; Lasa, Ganix; Iriarte, Ion (Springer, 2021)
    The transition to industry 4.0 has impacted factories, but it also afects the entire value chain. In this sense, human-centred factors play a core role in transitioning to sustainable manufacturing processes and consumption. ...

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