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    • Linear Machines for Long Stroke Applications: a review 

      Eguren Alustiza, Imanol; Almandoz Larralde, Gaizka; Egea Cáceres, Aritz; Ugalde Rosillo, Gaizka (IEEE, 2020)
      This document reviews the current state of the art in the linear machine technology. First,the recent advancements in linear induction, switched reluctance and permanent magnet machines arepresented. The ladder slit secondary ...
    • Multi-Physics Tool for Electrical Machine Sizing 

      Moreno Lafuente, Yeray; Almandoz Larralde, Gaizka; Egea Cáceres, Aritz; Madina Hernández, Patxi (MDPI AG, 2020)
      Society is turning to electrification to reduce air pollution, increasing electric machine demand. For industrial mass production, a detailed design of one machine is usually done first, then a design of similar machines, ...