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    • DABGEO: a Reusable and Usable Global Energy Ontology for the Energy Domain 

      Cuenca Ariza, Javier; Larrinaga Barrenechea, Félix (Elsevier B.V.Ontology usability, 2020)
      The heterogeneity of energy ontologies hinders the interoperability between ontology-based energymanagement applications to perform a large-scale energy management. Thus, there is the need fora global ontology that provides ...
    • A methodology for designing layered ontology structures 

      Cuenca Ariza, Javier (Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Goi Eskola Politeknikoa., 2019-11)
      Semantic ontologies represent the knowledge from different domains, which is used as a knowledge base by intelligent agents. The creation of ontologies by different developers leads to heterogeneous ontologies, which hampers ...
    • MODDALS Methodology for Designing Layered Ontology Structures 

      Cuenca Ariza, Javier; Larrinaga Barrenechea, Félix (IOS Press, 2020)
      Global ontologies include common vocabularies to provide interoperability among different applications. These ontologies require a balance of reusability-usability to minimise the ontology reuse effort in different ...